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The Pros and Cons of Sectioned and Solid Garage Doors

Do you know the perks of having a sectioned garage door over a solid one? What about the other way around? Both sectioned garage doors and solid garage doors have their pros and cons. Depending on your needs as a homeowner, one type of garage door over another will be right for you and your household. Read the pros and cons of sectioned and solid garage doors below to help you decide which garage door will serve your needs best!

Sectioned Garage Doors

Sectioned garage doors are the most common garage doors that homes will have. These doors are divided into several sections and are able to bend flexibly with one another to seal the garage.


Safety Features

Sectioned garage doors that run on a motor have safety features that help keep homeowners and their families safe. Garage doors are heavy and can potentially cause injury if someone is not careful. Because children and pets may not always be aware or paying attention when a garage door is closing, certain safety features allow garage doors to stop when movement or interference is detected in the garage door’s path. With sectioned garage doors, you can count on certain sensors and safety provisions in place within the garage door that will help prevent accidents and other mishaps.

Space-Saving Capabilities

Sectioned garage doors are great for saving space because they roll straight up and into your garage. As opposed to solid garage doors that extend our first, sectioned garage doors take up no additional space when rolling up or down. This is not only convenient for tighter spaces, but also helps increase the safety of anyone around the garage door when it is moving.

The Cons

Power Outages and Other Electrical Issues

Because sectioned garage doors are electronically controlled, there is always the chance that they may stop working due to power outages or other electrical problems. While you still may be able to operate you sectioned garage door manually if there is a problem with the motor or the power, you will still be somewhat inconvenienced due to the garage door’s reliance on electricity.

Price and Maintenance

Sectioned garage doors cost more than solid garage doors. Not only will you initially pay more upfront for a sectioned garage door, but you are also more likely to invest more in the long run due to the nature of sectioned garage doors. There are multiple springs, cables, tracks, and other parts that form sectioned garage doors. As the years go by, you are more likely to spend more on a sectioned garage door, simply because of all the smaller, but important pieces that are involved. 

Solid Garage Doors

Solid garage doors are less common than sectioned garage doors, but they still have their benefits. These doors are also referred to as single-panel garage doors and consist of one, solid piece of material, rather than sectioned pieces.

The Pros 

Lower Cost

Solid garage doors will typically cost you less than sectioned garage doors. Because sectioned garage doors almost always run on motors and have lots of moving parts, they tend to cost more than solid garage doors. If you are looking to save some money, but need to upgrade or want to change out your garage door, choosing a solid garage door option is a wise choice.

Design Variety

One of the great things about solid garage doors is they offer homeowners the opportunity to change or update the look of their garage. Some homeowners may be tired or bored of the same, standard garage door look. Upgrading or switching to a solid garage door is a great way to change the look or style of one’s home in a way that is simple but impactful.

Simple Design

Unlike sectioned garage doors, which are comprised of various springs and small parts, solid garage doors are much simpler. They do not have nearly as many tiny parts associated with them and some homeowners may prefer to maintain or manage a garage door that has fewer pieces. Over time, there will inevitably be fewer pieces that will break and therefore, to replace. Having a simple design contributes to the low cost of solid garage doors initially, as well as over time.

The Cons

Lack of Safety Mechanisms

Solid garage doors are not nearly as popular as they once used to be. Most homeowners have given up on them entirely in exchange for sectioned garage doors for one very important reason – safety. Most sold garage doors, especially older models, do not come with any sort of safety mechanisms and have no way of sensing objects in the way or automatically stopping in order to prevent accidents. 

Limited Space

Another reason homeowner may not prefer solid garage doors is the space they require in order to function properly. Sectioned garage doors roll up without ever sticking out, while solid garage doors require several feet of clearance in front of the garage to accommodate the solid garage door swinging outward and up. The space requirements for solid garage doors, in addition to the lack of safety mechanisms on most models make these doors less appealing to some homeowners.

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