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Read This If Your Garage Door Is Opening & Closing on Its Own

Have you ever experienced the problem with your garage door opening and closing without your pressing anything? If you have then you know that it can be confusing and upsetting when this occurs. At Dynamic Garage Door in Riverdale, Georgia, we would hate for you to be harmed by your garage door do to it malfunctioning. This problem might not happen often but when it does, it is still annoying. The garage door opener operates from several different frequencies. Sometimes, your neighbor’s frequency may be interfering with your frequency, causing it to operate when you are not making it. Newer garage door openers operate with a rolling code and the frequency problem is then eliminated. If you have a remote control that is older than 10 years old or if you are close by a military base, your garage door could operate on its own because of the equipment used on the base. This might not apply to you but there have been known cases of this occurring and it just might be why you are experiencing a similar problem. Your problem could also exist because of a manufacturer issue, weather, or damages created by a power surge. Whenever you call on our garage door repair services, our technician will usually take a careful look at your logic board to determine if it has short-circuited and whether an entirely new board is needed. If they learn that this is the problem, they won’t waste time replacing it, as they realize that most people use their garage daily. However, when replacing the logic board, they will have to ensure that it is the same manufacturer’s brand and the exact model of the previous circuit board. If your garage door has older parts then it is possible that the parts are no longer exist and are no longer being manufactured. Once our technician has replaced the circuit board and adjusted the remote, you can usually continue with the use of your garage door.

Sometimes it is possible to simply purchase another external receiver. This connects to the opener and is plugged directly into a wall outlet. You will also need a new remote if you elect to get another external receive. This is necessary because it will no longer work with the older on. We can’t guarantee that a new receiver will remedy the problem. However, it usually does work more times than not. Another issue that our technicians find is a problem with the remote control or a remote that is being activated by mistake. Once you find your remote, make sure that it isn’t wedged in between anything. This could cause your remote be activated without your even attempting to do so. Your remote control might malfunction because of it being too weak. This could be why your door is opening and closing. Remove the batteries from the remote and replace them with new ones. Once you have done this you will see an indicator light come on. This will indicate that the remote is activated. If the door is still opening and closing on its own, replace your entire remote control. Test your new remote with the wireless keypads that are used to operate your garage door. Do this for both remotes. When you notice that the remove is causing you the problems that you are experiencing then it is likely the circuit board that is your problem. Whenever you detect that the problem that you are experiencing is due to your circuit board, it’s time to give our technician a call. 

One other thing that we should mention, even though it doesn’t happen often, is sometimes that cube radio used by the public services (police station, fire department, etc.) can cause interference with your garage door remote. This is again, due to using the same frequency that your garage door uses. There is a code associated with the various frequencies, which our technician can chance for you so that you are no longer on anyone else’s frequency. This should solve your problem. If it doesn’t then they will simply continue probing until the find out why you are experiencing this problem.

So, you may be wondering what you should do in the meantime. We suggest that you simply unplug your garage door opener from the outlet. If this is not possible then just disconnect the door from your garage door opener by pulling the red tag on the opener. Once the door has been disconnected from the opener, you will be able to use the garage door manually. Keep in mind that you will need to also lock the door manually. Locking the door will help keep the door closed and this will prevent it from continuing to open.

Why Use A Professional Garage Door Service?

As you notice from the above information, there is some troubleshooting that you can do on your own. If you have small children, you can’t afford to take chances with your garage door opening and closing on its own. When you start to notice a problem with your garage doors opening and closing without doing anything, call on the services of a garage door repair service. They technicians that we work with are certified professional garage door service technicians. They know the functionality of every type of garage door and where their moving parts are located. Knowing this helps them to avoid putting themselves in harm’s way. This is exactly what you might do if you are not familiar with the different features of your garage door. We would make sure that precautions are put in place and that everyone in the vicinity adheres to them. This keeps our technician and anyone around the home, safe from potential harm. With the help of a professional garage door repair technician, you avoid the tragedy of your door coming down on someone. A technician can keep you safe as you continue to use your garage.

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