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Dynamic Garage Door: Garage Door Won’t Open or Close with Remote Control

When you find that your garage door refuses to open when you attempt to use the remote control, you could be facing a few different possible problems. If your garage door opener is working as it is supposed to in every other way but it is simply not getting the appropriate signal when you utilize your remote control, there are steps you can take to fix the problem. You can be sure the garage door is working when your button on the wall of your garage does its part and opens the garage door. In this case, you might be looking at a problem with communication rather than with the garage door itself, which is often a relief to customers. If this is the case, then the communication issue is causing problems when you try to use your remote from the outside to open the garage door when the garage door is closed. Is there something that is interfering with the signal? Is it a battery problem? What are you supposed to do? Read on for more information!

Check the Batteries

First things first – check the batteries. You will want to enter your garage with the car’s remote – make sure the garage door is closed and then test the remote control. Does it open the garage door? If it does not, then you might require a battery change or the remote could simply be broken. In this case, you will need to have the remote replaced. Now let’s say that the remote control is working from inside of the garage. But, when you go outside, it stops working. We can assume that the antenna wire could be the concern. What can go wrong? It could be broken, out of visible range, or otherwise damaged. You will want to see that the antenna is not hanging down from the unit because it should be attached. You might need to move the antenna.

Device Interference

The problem could also be that there is interference from other devices. This could cause your garage door to not open and/or close using the remote control. You will want to make your antenna mount point longer by adding a wire to it. If this fails to work, then try an extender. This would let you send a signal from outside of the home.

Out of Range Problems

Let’s go over other common issues. For one, you could be out of range when you are attempting to use the remote to open or close your garage door. This is a simple fix. You either need to adjust your settings or move closer to the garage door – you also might need a battery change.
The motor’s antenna could also be damaged. It could be blocked from receiving the signal. You will want to ensure it is hanging down from the motor.

If you are able to open the garage door using the wall switch, the solution is likely very simple – you just need a new battery for the remote control.

Lock Button Problems

The opener for your garage door comes equipped with parts that basically listen for the signal from the remote control. Interference can always cause a problem, as previously mentioned. In other cases, your garage door’s remote might not work due to the battery being drained, as mentioned, or the lock button being turned on. Other times, the remote needs to be reprogrammed rather than replaced. You
might want to back track because you are unsure of what the lock button is. There is a lock button on a multi-function garage door control panel. If it is on, there is an indicator light that will flash. If the lock button is activated, the logic board receiver won’t accept the remote’s signals. This would mean you can still use your keypad to open and close the garage door. Check for a blinking light and press the lock button to turn the lock feature off. Just press down and hold the lock button. Do this for two seconds until there is a solid glow showing you that deactivation has occurred.

Remote Control Needs Reprogramming

You might not need to completely replace your garage door opener. It might be possible for it to be reprogrammed. In this case, you will want to clear the opener’s memory by pressing down and holding the learn button. Wait until the LED lights power off. When they are off, you can reprogram the remote controls.

Another possible concern is that there is some sort of short that is occurring. The garage door control is hard wired into a logic board. Because this is the case, remote controls can be internally locked out. There are troubleshooting steps you can take to figure out if this is the problem. If these types of solutions sound a little daunting to you, then your best bet is going to be to call a garage door repair expert in your location. If you happen to be in or near Riverdale, GA then there is one company that stands out from the rest – and that is our own company. We are Dynamic Garage Door and we have worked hard to build up a solid reputation in the area. We are insured and licensed, so you can expect us to work with your garage door and all of its parts, and to do so with professionalism and expertise. Whether your garage door will not open with its remote control, or your garage door will not close with the remote control, there is a solution. If you aren’t in our service area, do a search online for a garage door service near you. You are sure to be able to find someone you can trust to provide you with the best solutions. Remember, when you find that your garage door does not open when you attempt to use the remote control, or if it does not close, you could be facing a few different possible problems. If you can’t figure it out on your own, call an expert!

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